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Residential, Commercial and Hospital Disinfecting

Pro Systems Clean Care will provide Disinfecting and Sanitizing services to help ensure that harmful viruses and bacteria are removed from your building. Our services for your business or home will include Fogging Applications of Vital Oxide into the air spaces and on the structure interior, Wipe-down high touch areas & Emergency Disinfection. 

Items will be treated using Vital Oxide solution:

  • All general work areas
  • Bathroom stalls, toilets/urinals, showers, sinks and all fixtures
  • Cabinets, doors, shelving and etc.
  • Furniture including desks, chairs, trash cans and other furnishings
  • Special attention is given to all doors, doorknobs, handles, frames and walls near entrance and exit areas


Vital Oxide will be used Full-Strength for all disinfecting procedures. It is tough on Germs and Easy on Surfaces. This solution sanitizes Hard and Soft surfaces by Spot Treatment. We use 

Vital Oxide as our primary disinfectant product. It is Odorless, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and EPA approved.

Disinfecting Services


Pricing Guidelines

Pro Systems Clean Care provides janitorial and general cleaning services along with disinfecting services.

· Bathrooms

· Breakrooms

· Conference Rooms

· Office Areas

· Cafeteria Areas

· Locker Rooms

· General Office Spaces

· Warehouse Work Stations- based upon square footage

Large Warehouses or Manufacturing Facilities estimates can also be provided.

These spaces are priced according to industry standards.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your current disinfecting needs.

Commercial Services

Services that will be provided on site at your business location.


Office Cleaning

Factory Cleaning

Daily Janitorial Cleaning

Residential Services

Hardwood/Tile Floor, Fire Damage, Water Damage, Carpet Cleaning and more.


Upholstery Cleaning

 Recliners, Mattresses, Dining Room Chairs & Patio Furniture

Area Rug Cleaning

We provide cleaning services for dhurrie, wool & synthetic fibers

Carpet Cleaning

We offer pre-conditioning & steam cleaning for your carpets. 

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